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Goodbye Past Memories
22 February 2009

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It's A Bug's Life
21 February 2009

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The Center Of The Earth
18 February 2009

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Clear The Gap
17 February 2009

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Cow - BW
14 February 2009

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The People In The Printer
12 February 2009

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Snow White
11 February 2009

Recent Comments

Robert on Learning The Hard Way
Well done my friend!

Mooraha on Blue Nights Red Days
aa, so lovely and very calming!.

Mooraha on No Excuses
haa;) that is called devotion!.

Mooraha on Untitled
nice and laconic!.

Robert on A Bright New Future
Very strong image!

Edvin on A Bright New Future
great one!

Daryl Johnson on A Bright New Future
A strong image.

Wayne Molyneux on A Bright New Future
Superb exposure I like the use of a small aperture to render the lamplights as starbursts. Wayne

Sarito on A Bright New Future
Excellent shot..

Elora on A Bright New Future
wonderfully captured! Well composed!

MadScientist on Trapped Sun
After that you certainly had an interesting pattern on your back. :) Cool shot, btw.

MadScientist on Shea Is Gone...
What are they going to build up there?

MadScientist on It's A Bug's Life
Ouchie! Indeed! :-D

MadScientist on Goodbye Past Memories
I hope it's not only demolition but (re-)construction too! A fine shot, I like the composition.

Chiaki on Goodbye Past Memories
feeling sorrow...

Robert on Goodbye Past Memories
Hey, Love the shot. If you do this type of shot again open the lens all the way to selective focus your subject.

Stéphane on It's A Bug's Life
Hi Luis ! Great great great ! I love such a point of view ! It's really well done and the composition is excellent ...

Chiaki on It's A Bug's Life
interesting idea, well done.

Grahame on Clear The Gap
Great dynamics. Would be a bitch to land one of these short !!

MadScientist on Blue Nights Red Days
Wow, amazing seascape. I love these clouds and colours!

MadScientist on Clear The Gap
Hehe, funny shot. :) There are forms of sport where one looks far more elegant. :)

Luis on Cow - BW
thank you Don just saw your site... all your images are so very sharp i love them. You have to tell me your secret

Luis on Blue Nights Red Days
Thank you

Ben on Blue Nights Red Days
nice composition... i love the sky with the clouds...

bm on Blue Nights Red Days
gorgeous vista, wonderful colors

Don on Cow - BW
I like the side lighting on the cow's head. The lighting and your processing gives the picture lots of impact. ...

MadScientist on Statue
An Indian Am3 member would maybe immediately know this. :) Fine work, well captured.

Eric on Day Dreaming
sometimes I wish I could do this all day at my desk!

Eric on Up The Tree
very nice shot!

MadScientist on Up The Tree
Great perspective, bright colours, a very fine picture.

MadScientist on "Why Do You Stare?"
Brilliant shot, love the light too.

MadScientist on Day Dreaming
(S)he's a stone hugger. :-)

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